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Destiny Awaits

Nom de la Tribu :Destiny Awaits
Tag : ~Da~
Nombre de membres :38
Nombre de points des 40 meilleurs joueurs5.764.311
Points totaux :5.764.311
Moyenne de points :151.692
Rang :1
Adversaires battus : 14.351.985 (1.)

-----------flag-umUnited for the freedom of peopleus---------

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------Among the ancients, the notion of destiny, of fatum, does not involve fatalistic submission or ascetic renunciation. On the contrary, it stimulates the desire for action. The Fatum is above all perceived as a challenge to the man, a challenge which the man knows very well in advance that he will never be able to satisfy entirely, but that he must however meet, because it is in the noting that it gives meaning to its existence. It is because there is a destiny that the answer that man can attempt to oppose is literally heroic. It is because there is a destiny that one must try to impress one's brand. In acquiring the intuition of his destiny, man is no less free; on the contrary, it covers its fundamental freedom, which is first and foremost the privilege of consenting while acting---------------------------------------------------------------Fatum is an exhilarating idea when one understands that one is part of it - there is one path in the world that no one can follow, except yourself. Voluntarily follow this path that others follow blindly----------------------------------------------------------------------------------us-------

----------------------Our Team was created in order to be able to enjoy tribal war in good conditions. We do not want players who have a bad mentality or twisted mind ..... or a player who takes it for god ---------------------------

Any diplomatic request must be written in English.

Recruitment is closed, for any questions of diplomacy contact
***La fée Corsaire***


The Tribe was founded by AwarZone